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Submitted! Check your email (hopefully not your SPAM folder!) for confirmation. 

* We will provide your requested commodity code within 24 hours, upon receipt of all required materials.

The information required to determine & deliver your Commodity Code:

  • Product description in “plain language” (i.e. no abbreviations or special terms)

  • Constituent material(s) - what materials / ingredients are the product made of - e.g. glass, metal / steel, ceramics / porcelain, etc.)

  • Product image(s) - ideally of the entire product, packaged and unpackaged

Additional, helpful information & documentation:

      *Not required, but please feel free to include any of the below items or information, if available.

  • Intended purpose / use of the product

  • Invoice 

  • Product specification sheet

  • Percentage breakdown of constituent materials / ingredients

  • Country of origins (if you’d like duty rate or license requirements)

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