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Why Us?

Commodity Code was established in 2022 to provide professional and fast classification services to importers and customs clearance firms in the UK. 

We believe that our collective experience of over 30 years working in the logistics & customs industry allows us to serve your needs in a streamlined, ‘self-serve’ and hassle-free manner, the likes of which does not exist yet in the local market.

Professional classification can help prevent the hassle of inaccurate payments, unnecessary standards and tests and delays or problems with releasing the goods from customs.

A professional import procedure will help you pinpoint and plan your product costs, properly plan your supply chain and provide better service to your customers.

A few data points to consider as you determine the value of our service for your business:


  • There are over 6,300 commodity codes in the UK Trade Tariff - Have you got the right one?

  • The UK Trade Tariff can change with no prior notice. 

  • UK-wide updates are released twice a year. 

  • Harmonised System updates occur every 5 years.

Time & Cost

Finding the correct code can take days and be very costly - eg. On average, it costs businesses £12-15  to find one commodity code.


  • Around 25% of customs declarations contain errors.


  • You could be significantly overpaying customs duty.

We invite you to use our Commodity Code service and be in touch with us at any time with questions and feedback. We are excited to work for you!


The Commodity Code Team

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